What to Do About Project Manager Competency?

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If you’ve ever had to staff a project with a Project Manager, you’ve probably run into the same problem that seems to plague the industry. How do you know what you’re really getting when you hire someone? Almost all Project Managers these days are either certified by PMP, Prince or are a Certified Scrum Master. Some may have certificates from a college or university, and some some have Master’s Degrees in Project Management. Yet, there is a huge performance gap in project managers. How can we close this gap?

My wife is new teacher getting credentialed in the State of California, and the process is grueling. After getting her BA, she then had to get credentialed (2 years), then within a few years has to “clear” her credential while working full-time as a teacher. She is required to take graduate level courses to clear her credential, or, enroll in a program called BITSA where she gets mentored and has to complete various assignments to prove she can teach in the classroom.

We don’t do this in the Project Management community. My question is should we? I have had the pleasure to work in many organizations over the years, both government and private sector. Most just want to know if you can “follow the process”. I’ve heard senior leaders say the secret sauce to project management is the process and then the oversight to ensure that it is followed. A few organizations even grade their PMs on how well they follow it. Is that the answer to consistent results in how your projects are managed and more importantly, completed?

While process is important, the key to projects getting executed consistently lies in the culture and how well the project managers are developed holistically, and not just the process. What types of project management mentoring and training does your organization do that is successful?

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