Top 5 Secrets To Living Life

Greetings Leaders!

I was sitting here sipping my coffee and wanted to watch something inspirational. I wondered what the top inspirational songs were so I googled it, and found that like life, the answer depends on who you listen to. I ended up listening to Susan Boyle’s 2009 audition on Britain’s Got Talent. As I looked at the various lists I found most of them dealt with just a few topics. Hopes. Dreams. Inner Strength. Forgiveness. It made me pause to think about life and ask, what are people are looking for? If the list of songs I found are any indication, people are looking for ways to get through life. We are looking for ways to get to the finish line and know that it all matters. We all want to live a life worth living. We want to be happy. We want to be successful. The question is, how do we get there?

I hesitated writing about this topic, because I am just one voice and as I look back on life, I realize how little I know. Then I realized that even though I know just a little, perhaps it could be helpful to someone else. Perhaps even you. So, here are my thoughts…

  1. There is a God, and I’m not Him
  2. Give… and you will get
  3. Happiness is not defined by what you have, but by who you are
  4. There is always someone smarter, faster, stronger, richer, nicer (the list goes on) than you. Be happy with who you are
  5. When life knocks you down, get back up.

I could obviously write more, but let me reflect on the last one. There are no guarantees in life except you will get knocked down. There is no secret to success. But, I do know this. If you don’t get back up, you will fail. You cannot win lying down on your back, feeling sorry for yourself. So… when life knocks you down, you pick yourself, dust yourself off, and move on down the road.

Get back up!

All the best…
All the time…

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