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Dreams and Goals without Execution = Hallucination

Edison Hallucination


Greetings Leaders!

I’d like to take credit for the title, but as you can see Thomas Edison beat me to it. As you go about making your resolutions for the New Year, have you thought about how to actually succeed at them? If you use the 80/20 rule – only 20% of people will set themselves apart by taking a chance and setting some goals this year. Of those 20%, only 20% will achieve them. For you math geniuses, that amounts to just 4% of the total (I had to use a calculator). That’s a pretty small percentage isn’t it? When you think about it, most of the worlds wealth resides in the top few percentage points of the population. I would guess that the world’s wealthiest people are in the 4% that are setting goals this year AND achieving them. So, how do you set yourself up with the best chance at achieving your goals?

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How To Win Friends and Influence People

Greetings Leaders!

Ok – I’m plagiarising. But how can you change a classic? After 15 years, I’m rereading Dale Carnegie’s classic piece of work, How To Win Friends and Influence People. What can I learn from something first published in 1937? Well… a lot. If you haven’t read this, or if you read it a long time ago, I highly recommend you crack open the covers of the book, or turn on your e-reader, and dive in. It will change your life.

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Path of the Honorable Leader – Avoiding Failure

Greetings Leaders…

This is the 12 posting in The Path of the Honorable Leader series.

The Path of the Honorable Leader is filled with hope. A better life. A better world. A better way to live. Yet the Honorable Leader knows that there is no guarantee in life. The Honorable Leader knows that while the events of our lives are lessons along life’s journey, that failure is still a possibility. Yet the Honorable Leader also knows that failure is a choice.

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Five Causes of Lack of Success

Greetings Leaders!

Are you a consultant or business owner struggling to find success? You work hard but your business just isn’t taking off. There are a few reasons why you might find yourself in this situation, and fear is one of them. Read on to find out the Five Causes for Lack of Success…

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How To Achieve Success

Greetings Leaders!

As you go through life, have you ever wondered why some people appear to be successful and happy, and others go through the doldrums of life? Do you find yourself searching for happiness or success and always coming up just short of where you think you should be? Well, you’re not alone. This posting will help you gain perspective and insight into how you can be happy and successful.

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To Move Ahead – You Have To Leave Some Things Behind

Greetings Leaders!

This past weekend I had an adventure! I helped my son move from Medford, Oregon to Reno, Nevada as he got a promotion at the Guitar Center. The weekend was hectic as we drove from Sacramento to Medford, packed, drove from Medford to Sacramento, spent the night, drove from Sacramento to Reno, unpacked, then caught a Greyhound back to Sacramento. We braved the snow over the mountains near Mt. Shasta, raced a winter storm to Reno and unloaded in the snow. It was fun.

While we were packing in Medford, we made the decision to leave some things behind.To move and make room for new things, we had to leave some other things behind. This sounded like a great metaphor and reminded me of mental baggage we carry around with us.

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Leaders – To Get A Promotion, You Have to Play the Game!

Greetings Leaders!

If you want to get that promotion, is it just good enough to be good at what you do? I believe the answer is no. There are a lot of talented people who never rise above average. Not that average is bad, but as a leader, don’t you want to be better? Living near San Francisco, I sometimes drive down to Fisherman’s Wharf or Pier 39. As I stroll along the waterfront taking in the sights and smells along the shore, I pass by numerous street vendors and musicians hawking their wares. These people have talent! Yet it is pretty obvious that some of these folks have been beaten up by life.

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Want To Be Successful? Go Do Something!

Greetings Leaders!

Do you want to be successful? I know I do. Who wants to lead a life of failure? Not me, and I’m sure not you. So how do you guarantee success? I looked up success at dictionary.com and it is a noun. I think success should be a verb. If we only judge success by results, we miss the point. Success is in the doing, not the achieving.

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What does it take to succeed?

Success or Failure

Randy Gage posed a very interesting question on his blog. He asked, “How much success would you need before you would go into any endeavor expecting to succeed?”

My response…

Very thought provoking.

It generated questions of my own.

  1. Does success depend on prior success? Or –
  2. Does success depend upon learning from prior failures? Or –
  3. Does lack of success predict a future lack of success? Or –
  4. Should one attempt something new (no track record)?

How about you? Your answer will tell volumes about your chances for achieving your dreams. Too many of us want a “sure thing” before we attempt something new. How many dreams are left unfulfilled because of fear of failure. It reminds me of a story I heard once in church. There was a woman who purchased a very fine china set shortly after getting married. It was to be used only on the most special of occasions. Over the years, she became obsessed with ensuring that nothing happened to the china, so she never brought it out. No occasion was special enough, and when her children were cleaning out the attic after her death, they were all surprised to find the china upstairs, never having been used. Do you have china plates in your cabinets?

The other extreme is just as harmful. Reckless abandon. How many businesses fail and dreams are lost because of lack of preparation or the inability to understand and put failure in perspective? At some point in any endeavor that is going south very quickly, you have to pause and ask yourself, is this working? Do I have what it really takes to succeed? It is often a tough question as it is hard to distinguish between a challenge, a minor set back, or a huge mistake that you should get out of. That is what makes life so interesting. The problem with reckless abandon is that you don’t pause to ask the questions.

So What about you?

My take – Whenever I start something, I ALWAYS expect to succeed. Of course I often fail, but it is what I make of both my failures AND my successes that count.

All the best,
All the time,

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What separates Great – from Good – from OK – from Mediocre??

How to achieve greatness!!

Hello leaders!

I’ve been pondering this for some time. I look at those very successful at what they do, and wonder how they got there. I know a lot of very talented people who have some of the same skills and knowledge as those at the top of their game, but they seem to get lost in the pack, or left behind. Why?

If we look at the differences between Mediocrity and Greatness… the answer is pretty intuitive. These are the things we can find in almost any book on success. Passion, Focus, Goal Setting, Service, Attitude. You know… the usual stuff. The same thing can be said of Mediocre to OK and OK to Good, but perhaps not so easily. But what about from Good to Great? I know Jim Collins wrote a book with this title, but it had more to do with business than people. So, what separates Good from Great. More importantly, how do YOU move from Good to Great?

The first point I’d like to make is that to move from Good to Great takes time. Much like fine wine, moving from Good to Great is a process. The process is going to be the same for all of you, but the focus will be different. What do I mean by this? 

Moving from Good to Great is all about continuously making small but significant changes in your life/business. One small step at a time. For those of you old enough to remember What About Bob (Richard Dreyfus, Bill Murray), it’s all about baby steps.

Your first step – is to believe that you can be great. Greatness can be found in many places, and each of you will define it a little differently, but – you have to believe that, however you define it, you can become Great.

Your second step – is to look at what you’re missing from your definition of Greatness. In other words… Assess where you are. What are you missing. I’ll use myself as an example. I look at people like Robin Sharma and Tony Robins and see the impact they have made on millions of peoples lives. To me… greatness is defined by the impact we have on others. God has blessed me with the ability to impact others beyond my immediate family. I want to impact millions. I think many coaches and consultants think the same way. So, in my assessment, I ask myself, what am I missing. What  have Robin and Tony done that I am not doing?

The third step you need to take is to develop a plan to fill in the gaps. In my case, I believe it is building relationships, branding, marketing and selling. So, I have developed a long range plan to start tackling these. One small step at a time, realizing I’m not going to hit them all at once.

The fourth and final step is to take small steps, and start working your plan. Greatness cannot be achieved overnight.

In summary…

  1. Define greatness and believe you can achieve it.
  2. Assess your shortcomings
  3. Develop a long-range plan to overcome these
  4. Work at your plan, one small step at a time

So, I know you are asking if this is so simple, why aren’t more of us achieving greatness? Because some of the small things take time and dedication to overcome. It is also very hard to look into the mirror and admit that we have a shortcoming that needs tweeking or fixing. I truly believe that the difference between Good and Great are made up of small things. I encourage you to take the time to search out these small things that you need to do – then go do it.

All the best
All the time