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Do You Have the Courage to Be Optimistic?

Dr. Marcia Reynolds – Guest Expert

Economic Signs Suggest a Bleak Road Ahead. That’s the headline I read when I signed onto the Internet this morning. When I read those words, I had two choices. I could be scared and depressed. Or I could look out my window and instead of seeing dried plants in my yard I could see beyond to the promise of flowers next season. I bet you are rolling your eyes at my second option.

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How To Change Your Life in 2011

Greetings Leaders!

Every January, I reflect back on my life and ask myself, how can I make it better? I look at my successes and failures over the past year, and look for ways to move forward. There is an old adage that goes something like this…

If you ain’t growing…. You’re dying!

Do you want to grow? The alternative is pretty dismal. So what’s it going to be? I know some of you are frustrated with your lack of growth last year. Perhaps financially, spiritually, or physically. You made resolutions in 2009, and not many came through for you in 2010. So what about 2011? How can you make those changes to improve your life?

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Positive Thinking in a Negative World

Margaret Reynolds – Contributing Expert

If you twitter, you are constantly reading quotes that espouse positive thinking. Some quotes are age old and some are brand new, but they mostly convey the sentiment–you are what you think, so think positive. Do you ever wonder if all those people that post those statements live that happy, positive, empowered life they like to talk about?

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How To Achieve Success

Greetings Leaders!

As you go through life, have you ever wondered why some people appear to be successful and happy, and others go through the doldrums of life? Do you find yourself searching for happiness or success and always coming up just short of where you think you should be? Well, you’re not alone. This posting will help you gain perspective and insight into how you can be happy and successful.

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Want To Grow? First You Need to Empty

Greetings  Leaders!

I’m assuming that since you’re here, that you want to grow. I know some of you want to become better leaders, some better parents or spouses. Perhaps you want to grow financially, spiritually, or some other area of personal growth. Whatever it is, you must learn to make room for the growth before it can happen.

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