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Never… Ever….Report….”I’m Waiting For….”

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As a Portfolio Manager responsible for overseeing the work of other Project Managers, I cringe when I hear the words… “We’re waiting for…xyz.” As a Project Manager, or in life for that matter, if you find yourself “waiting for” something, then you are not doing your job! Continue reading Never… Ever….Report….”I’m Waiting For….”

Do You Know What a Project Manager Does?


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A lot of people ask me what does a Project Manager do? If you think most of those asking the question are unfamiliar with project management, you’d be wrong! I’ve had C-Suite execs, middle managers and those thinking about entering the profession ask me that question. While most of you PMI trained PMs think the answer is pretty straight-foward, the truth is a lot more complicated. Do you think you know the answer?

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Project Management – Why it still doesn’t meet expectations

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After managing projects for over 20 years, I’m still waiting for project management to meet the expectation that it will help businesses be more productive, efficient and cost effective. While it helps in many cases, it still falls short in many areas. The Standish Group’s Chaos Report has repeatedly shown that far too many projects are failing, despite the best efforts of project management. To be fair, not everyone agrees with the Standish Group. While not an easy read, you will find Samad Aidane’s article, The Chaos Report Mythbusters a pretty thought provoking critique of the Chaos Report. Based on my experiences though, it is easy to conclude that project management practices could be improved. I don’t think you will find anyone that would deny that there are many pitfalls associated with project management and that in many cases, it still hasn’t lived up to its expectations.

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Top 5 Mistakes Project Managers Make… and how to avoid them

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While mentoring Project Managers over the years, I’ve noticed both the good and the bad. What are the top 5 mistakes Project Managers make? Well, we’re all different, but here are five sure ways to get shown the door both as a consultant and as an employee.

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Out of Control Team Member – What would you do?

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I was teaching class last night and we had a very lively discussion about Resource Management. Here was the scenario..

  1. A Project Manager and a Line Manager meet to discuss getting a team resource for the project.
  2. The Project Manager doesn’t like the team member that the Line Manager is going to give him.
  3. The PM and LM get into a disagreement as this engineer has spouted off in front of the customer on past projects, causing a LOT of trouble.
  4. The upcoming project demands a lot of customer interaction.
  5. The Line Manager basically says too bad. He agrees to attend the PM’s meetings to ensure the engineer stays in line, but during the first few meetings, the LM is a no show.
  6. The engineer ends up calling the customer inept in a meeting, and the customer threatens to reevaluate the contract.

What could you have done as the PM to prevent this from happening?

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Evaluating Your Organization’s Project Management Effectiveness (PME)

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As a project management expert, I often get to see first hand how an organization measures their effectiveness in project management. I find it intriguing that so many of them, don’t really understand what they are trying to measure. They just look at their list of projects and if they all get done, then they are successful. If they don’t they are not successful. Many don’t measure it at all. Measuring project management effectiveness (PME) is important, but overlooked by many. What about your organization?

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5 Leadership Skills for Project Managers

5 Leadership Skills for Project Managers

Guest Blogger Claudia Vandermilt

As a project manager, your teams rely on your leadership skills to guide and encourage productivity and project success. When provided with quality leadership, team members often respond positively; they build stronger relationships and rise to project challenges brought forth by their leader.  Arm yourself with these five critical leadership skills to help propel a winning team:

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Leadership Training –

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I’m in the middle of teaching a Project Leadership class for the California Highway Patrol and tonight I reviewed the curriculum I developed for relevance.When teaching Leadership Development my focus is normally on the RC3 framework that includes teaching…

  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Credibility

As I went through the material, I asked myself if the CHP officers and staff really needed to know what I was going to present and then I found myself wondering… how do you really teach leadership? Yes, I know this is a funny time to be asking the question as I’ve taught it before and am teaching it again tomorrow. But I think the question is an important one to ask periodically. So, I googled “Leadership Training Best Practices”, and found a ton of different approaches.

Going through the results I obtained from Google,  I perused what others were doing. Many were focused on a specific aspect of leadership develpment and leaders were being groomed by corporations to help them be successful. Successful in this case would probably mean helping the company make a profit resulting in the leader receiving a promotion, and in turn… make lots of money. I asked myself, what’s wrong with this picture?

While I’m sure the training is good, I also believe that it is somewhat self-serving. Leaders are not being taught to be socially or culturally resonsible in their leadership classes, unless it is taught as a matter of ethics. We need to do more.

Leaders need to balance the needs of shareholders/organizations, against the needs of society and individuals that work for the company. We ask ourselves how the financial crisis evolved, and now we have the answer. Not enough attention to RC3 in our leadership classes.

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