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Doing the Right Thing – A Practical Guide

do the right thing

Greetings Leaders!

While working with a group of high school students, I asked them if lying was acceptable. Without exception, they all said no – lying is wrong. Most of you probably agree and judging by their websites, all businesses agree that lying is not an ethical thing to do. On a recent survey of business websites, including those of Fortune 500 companies, I commonly found core values like honesty and integrity. Not a single website suggested that the company told the truth only part of the time. Continue reading Doing the Right Thing – A Practical Guide

Leaders Can’t Afford to be Transparent

Greetings Leaders!

As my wife and I raised our children we had many debates about what and when to tell them certain things about life. When do we tell them about Santa Clause? When was the best time to explain the birds and the bees? When was it ok to let them go see a PG-13 movie that contained heavy references to sex, alcohol or drugs? (I threw in the last one, because while this was a no-brainer for us, we just saw several families with very young children at the movies watching “Just Go With It.”) While we all have different answers to these questions, it is obvious that we don’t tell our kids everything, until they are ready.

I believe in honesty and integrity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re obligated as leaders to tell people everything we know, all the time. There seems to be a growing movement out there that seems to believe that leaders are obligated to be completely transparent. As a leader… don’t fall into this trap.

Continue reading Leaders Can’t Afford to be Transparent