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Letting go the past… Planning for what you can…


Greetings Leaders!

Have you ever had a time when you did something you regretted and wish you could live that one moment, that one second, over again? Or looking down the road in the other direction, have you ever worried about what was coming down the track, trying to plan for the future? Things like who you’re going to marry, what your career will look like 10 years from now, what your kids are going to become, how you’re going to retire or what your health will be? Reflecting on the past, or planning for the future is healthy, but worrying about it is not.  If you’re a worrier… read on…

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How To Find Courage

Greetings Leaders!

Are you facing some seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life? Having problems at work? Is your boss abusive? Are you in a seemingly hopeless relationship? Finances keeping you down? Perhaps you are having difficulty with your kids or just finding your way through life. Whatever it may be, you can find the courage to deal with it. Your situation may not go change, but your outlook can.  Continue reading How To Find Courage

The Path of the Honorable Leader – Opportunity

Greetings Leaders!

This is the 6th in the series The Path of the Honorable Leader

If there is one certainty in life, it is that everyone will be tested. There will be physical, monetary and psychological challenges to be sure. No one escapes this physical world unscathed. Everyone will fall. All will stumble. Failure is inevitable. Yet… people respond differently to these challenges. The path of the honorable leader, requires you to get up, dust yourself off… and move forward.

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Do You Have the Courage to Be Optimistic?

Dr. Marcia Reynolds – Guest Expert

Economic Signs Suggest a Bleak Road Ahead. That’s the headline I read when I signed onto the Internet this morning. When I read those words, I had two choices. I could be scared and depressed. Or I could look out my window and instead of seeing dried plants in my yard I could see beyond to the promise of flowers next season. I bet you are rolling your eyes at my second option.

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Leaders – How To Provide Hope

Greetings Leaders,

I’ve been in an interesting discussion on LinkedIn that led to a small discussion on Hope. The question for the discussion was what would you tell President Obama if you could meet with him for 30 minutes? (For those on LinkedIn, the discussion can be found at the Lead Change Group). One of the posters was a gentleman named Dan Mulhern, the First Genlteman of Michgan. He closed his posting by asking the President to give the people of America hope.

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You Decide What Your Future Will Be

Greetings Leaders!

I had a great experience this week while volunteering at Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze, Bayside Christian Church’s Summer Extravaganza for kids (3000 kids + 2000 volunteers = two fun weeks!).

Here is a video of part of what Breakaway was all about.

I was the speaker every night for about 150 4th graders. The themes we talked about were:

  • Chosen For a Purpose
  • Trouble Happens
  • Hope
  • Love
  • The Future

I want to share what I told them about their future. If you are frustrated with your life and feel like your future is bleak… you need to read this…

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Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee

Greetings Leaders!

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m sitting in a Starbucks getting ready to go touch the lives of a couple hundred kids at church. At least that’s the goal anyway. Before I teach anything, even my project management or leadership classes, I try to go somewhere for a bit and prepare myself mentally. Today, I ran across this video called Life Is Like a Cup of Coffee. It made me think… what do we ALL want?

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Get Back Up – Nick Vujicic (Need I say more…)

Greetings Leaders,

Sitting in Starbucks, looking for ideas that you might find helpful or useful. Came across this video of Nick Vujicic. I had the privilege of seeing Nick speak at Bayside Church about 6 months ago. You have to check his story out. I can’t add anything to the video… it speaks for itself.

He has a website at Life Without Limbs.

All the best,
All the time,

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Living Strong – Jonathan White (A Scam)

This turned out to be a scam. See my more recent posting.

Pray For Jonathan

Greetings Leaders!

Like many other days, I got up this morning in Roseville, California. I rolled out of my comfortable bed, took a hot shower, ate an english muffin with peanut butter, jumped into my car and drove to a favorite Starbucks. I passed through the manicured streets, the park down the street. Traffic was thin at 5:30 am so I cruised to my destination. Weather was cool and brisk. Air clear. When I arrived at Starbucks there was no line. I said hello to the coffee Barista Kendra, ordered my coffee, and then… I decided to have a pity party, and yes, it was a decision.

I’ll spare you the gory details but despite having all these wonderful things to be thankful for, I let some of the stresses of life get the better of me. As I sat down to try to enjoy my coffee, I just stressed out and my attitude went down the proverbial toilet.

After an hour of “partying”, I got on twitter to see what was going on. It is “”FollowFriday” on Twitter. If you’re not familar with Twitter, FollowFriday is a way to send shout outs to people who you think others should follow (get to know).

I was thinking who I would like to encourage others to follow, and then saw a tweet that I had saved. The Tweet was from Randy Gage (Millionaire Messiah) and this is what it said:

Pls send note & follow @jonthanjay Brave kid fighting cancer, drawing strength fromT’Ville. Pls RT! (via @Randy_Gage)

I clicked on @jonthanjay to see his profile and then followed a link to his blog. Jonathan is a 14 year old kid with cancer. I’d encourage you to go check out his site. You’ll find comments below that he has received about living strong, you can also find them on his blog. His story reminded me of my friends daughter Stephanie who passed away two years ago from cancer.

As for me? I decided to end my party. I have a lot to be thankful for. It is time to LiveStrong.

PLEASE, share this post and try to get others to follow @jonathanjay on Twitter.

All the best,
All the time,

“Live strong is exactly I guess what it says. It’s one thing to live, but it’s another thing to live strong, to attack the day and attack your life with a whole new attitude. This was a gift for me. I guess before the illness I just lived. Now, after the illness, I live strong.” – Lance Armstrong

“LIVESTRONG means keep your dreams. Go for it. It means cancer limits you only if you let it. You can have a great life after cancer.” – Jim Owens

“LIVESTRONG means never giving up! EVER! No matter what the Dr’s say, no matter what life throws your way, to LIVESTRONG is to defy the odds. Live a life full of passion, love, inner strength and courage. It’s that drive inside that makes you want to do your best and inspire other’s to dream big and LIVESTRONG as well. My name is Gena.I am a 4 time Cancer Survivor and I LIVESTRONG! .” – Gena Solar

“LIVESTRONG means that I have so much to live for, so many things left undone, so many goals and dreams that I would fight it until there was no more fight left in my body. Plus, I love how life is full of surprises, good and bad, because that is what makes life so worth living. The unknown. I don’t want to be “stuck” in life, I want surprises! Life is a precious thing.” – Joe Schneider

“LIVESTRONG to me is health, strength, power, passion, and strong belief – believing in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT !!!!” The word LIVESTRONG inspires me everyday, it’s a way of living – a way to live a more “powerful and fulfilling” day !!!! Wishing everyone in their fights a strong day and LIVESTRONG!!!!!” – Jonny Imerman

“LiveSTRONG to me means living your life the way it was meant to be lived-with every ounce of your being. It means morphing into a superhero to overcome great odds. Cancer survivors may not have silly capes or scale but we can move mountains in our own ways. We have fought, we have won and we have a obligation to be a part of the cure. It’s a beautiful, strong, raw, courageous, passionate obligation to ensure that there are more survivors, to prove that everyone deserves a lifetime.” -Juliana King

“In terms of “What LIVESTRONG means?”, I would say this: Living strong has nothing to do with being cured of cancer, or having five years or five months of life. It’s all about what you do with that time that you’ve been blessed with. We hear it all the time, some people do more in a very short time than others do in a lifetime. That’s what LIVESTRONG mean to me.” – Chris Brewer

“LIVESTRONG” to me means never being a victim of the circumstances I am dealt with, rather be a student, a teacher and a fighter. “LIVESTRONG” to me is the battle cry of cancer WARRIORS…those who have fought, are fighting and those who stand beside and fight with…a warrior stands and fights for what they believe. A warrior lives a life of courage, great strength and power, honor, faith and passion. “LIVESTRONG” to me means to surpass today what you were yesterday. “LIVESTRONG” is a way of being, simply put: kick !$#@! and take names! – Robin Boughey “I LIVESTRONG!”

How To Regain Perspective in These “Troubled?” Times

Greetings to all,

It seems like all we hear about these days is how bad things are. Don’t worry, I won’t depress you further by going down the list of negative events that have transpired recently. Instead I want to give you some hope that things can look differently if we just change our perspective.

While pondering “perspective”, I was reminded of my ancestors. My father’s family came from Hiroshima, Japan, but due to the atomic blast there in 1945 most of our family records were destroyed. Based on oral history, I do know that my great grandparents were farmers. Family lore suggests prior to that, my ancestors were Samurai who were forced to flee Emperor Tokugawa during the 1800’s. While I think this is pretty cool, when I told this story to my son a few years ago he said, “great, our ancestors were cowards who ran away from the Emperor.” Perspective.

On my mother’s side my lineage goes back to France, Scotland and Ireland and it is my Scottish ancestors that I want to tell you about. I am a McLeod from the Isle of Sky. During the 1600s, it appears that one of my McLeod ancestors was somehow left on the Isle of Eigg after a raid there. Legend suggest that perhaps he was drunk and either fell overboard or was just left behind. I can only imagine what my son would say about that!

This stranded Scotsman befriended a local woman and established himself in the local community. For 200 years my Scottish ancestors lived on Eigg, a small island off the coast of Scotland. During the 200 years that they were on Eigg, they lived a simple life. They were poor and thus unable to travel beyond the confines of the island. Most of them lived as either farmers or crofters. They were born there, lived there, and died there.

Isle of Eigg
Isle of Eigg

They had no luxuries as we know them today. They were even poor by the standards of their own times. They lived in what appear to be huts to us.

Crofter's house
Crofter's house

During the mid 1800’s Eigg was sold to a new landowner and he could not afford to keep many of the islanders there. The islanders had to “earn” their keep by paying the landowner taxes, but due to the bad economy, they were unable to pay him. This part of my ancestors’ tale is a bit cloudy, but apparently the landowner decided to ship all those who couldn’t pay off the island. This included my ancestors. Sometime during the 1850s or early 1860s, my Scottish ancestors were forced onto a boat and sent off to Ontario Canada.

Perspective – Many of our ancestors had a very tough life. For 200 years, all my ancestors did was live life on a little island off the coast of Scotland. They had no television, no phones, no Ipods. They had no bank accounts, no IRA’s or 401ks. They had no supermarkets, vacations or holidays. They had no modern hospitals, vaccinations or antibiotics. Many families suffered through the early death of children to disease or poverty. They had no modern house, no air conditioning or heating. They had no bowling alleys, coffee houses, amusement parks. They had no cars. They had no internet, no bookstores or libraries. They did have hard work, uncertainty and poverty. They lived at the mercy of the landowners. They had no choice in occupation. They had no possibility of education in a modern school system. They had no….. dreams. Or did they?

Can you imagine living a life like that? Yet…. my ancestors lived. They loved. They married. They had children. They had dreams of perhaps leaving that little island. They got up in the morning and did the work they could. They helped each other through both good and bad times. They ate and drank what they had. They lived. Some of them very happily.

We could view their being kicked off the island of Eigg in two ways. One is that they left the only home they knew for 200 years. The other is that they were blessed by being given a new opportunity in a new land. And thank God for that. Because I wouldn’t be here today if they had stayed.

So, what about you? Do you live a house or apartment? Are you warm and cozy at night? Do you have more than one pair of shoes? How about clothes? Even if you bought them at the salvation army, you probably look marvelous! Do you have a television? Do you have cable? Even if you don’t have cable, you still get some channels. Do you have access to antibiotics, a doctor, a nurse? Do your kids have a school to go to? Can you go to the library to borrow books? Do you have Social Security? Do you have a car? Even one that “just runs” is better than none at all. If you don’t have a car, do you have access to public transportation? Can you walk?! Do you have a cell phone or access to the internet? Is there a bakery nearby where you can get a donut and a cup of coffee? Do you have access to a market or supermaket? Can you go outside knowing that there is some law and order out there? Have you traveled further than 50 miles from your home? Can you move freely to another state? Do you have a voice in your government? Can you marry who you want?

You get the idea. Perspective. YOU are one lucky person to be alive TODAY. The entire world is becoming a land of opportunity. Our ancestors didn’t live through hard times, just to see us cave in because we lost a job or money in the stock market or the housing crash. Life is GOOD! Perspective.

So – put a smile on your face, take a deep breath of fresh air, and go out and celebrate your life.

All the best!
All the time!