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The Cloud and Project Management

The Cloud

Greetings Leaders!

The Cloud has become a hot topic in business. What is The Cloud you ask? It has its origins, I think, in the network diagrams that techies have drawn for years. You know, that weird diagram that often gets drawn on a whiteboard that depicts some computers and a server, connected to a cloud or bunch of clouds. I think that is techie talk for magic… or… trust me, there is some cool stuff in there. So what is The Cloud and how will it impact Project Management in the future?

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You Are Where You Are… For A Reason

Greetings Leaders!

I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting lately, a hazard of being 52 I suppose. There are lots of ups and of course some downs. I was chatting with a friend at work yesterday, and while we’re both happy and certainly blessed, we just aren’t where we thought we would be at this point in our lives.

I started to ponder how to go about making changes going forward and realized that my life today was a result of choices and decisions I made along life’s journey. While that is pretty obvious, sometimes we for forget that we are where we are… for a reason. If you want to make a change in your life, you need to change the things that got you to where you are.

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