Never… Ever….Report….”I’m Waiting For….”

Greetings Leaders!

As a Portfolio Manager responsible for overseeing the work of other Project Managers, I cringe when I hear the words… “We’re waiting for…xyz.” As a Project Manager, or in life for that matter, if you find yourself “waiting for” something, then you are not doing your job!In today’s complex work environment most PMs are dependent on someone, or some team, to deliver something in order for for the project to succeed. Many times, they are not delivering on schedule  and the outcome is not under their direct control. I get it. As a PM, you may be tempted to protect yourself by reporting that you are “waiting for” someone to deliver something. You try to deflect the bad news by pointing the finger at someone else. That may work in some places, but what savvy executives hear is that you are powerless.

A better way to handle the situation, would be to come up with a plan to address it, with some timelines and consequences.

Team ABC is late delivering xyz. I’m working with them daily to fix the problem and anticipate to have it delivered by this Friday. If it’s not delivered by Friday we will then…

This tells me that you are managing the project, instead of helplessly “waiting for” some miracle to happen. It also says that you have the mindset that YOU own the outcome and won’t be blaming someone else when something fails.

Never… Ever… report that you’re “waiting for…” again!

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