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Project Management by the Numbers – A Recipe For Disaster


Greetings Leaders!

If you’ve been managing projects for a while, you know there are many ways to manage them. While that may seem intuitive to many of you, there are less seasoned “professionals” who think that there is just one way to manage projects and that would be “by the numbers”. When I interview someone for a Senior Project Manager position,  nothing gets me to a thumbs down quicker, than someone who thinks project management is all about process. Don’t get me wrong, process is important, in fact very important, but someone who thinks that it is the panacea to managing projects is showing their lack of maturity as a project manager.

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Congressional Leadership – A need for a major overhaul

Greetings Leaders!

You’re probably as frustrated with Congress as I am, as their approval rating just sank to the lowest level since they started tracking this in the 1970s. 18% of American’s think Congress is doing a good job. 18%! Wow. that means in a room of 10 people, one or two may say that they’re happy with what is going on in Washington. I’d hazard a guess to say that these one or two people, are the 20% that don’t stay current with what is going on in the world, after all, it is a sample of the general population isn’t it? Can we go further to say that for Americans who care, that the disapproval rating is near 100%? Perhaps. So why don’t things change?

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Five Steps To Developing Great Leaders

Greetings Leaders!

I often wonder why some companies have great leaders, and others don’t. Any company worth mentioning has a leadership program, yet not all companies have great leaders. Why is that? Here are five steps you can take to ensure you and your organization are developing great leaders.

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Leadership and Humility

Greetings Leaders!

I was faced with a very uncomfortable situation last week. Someone said something about me that was not true which resulted in a very bad outcome for me. I do not know who this person was, but they had the ear of someone important, and that is all that matters. Have you ever been in this situation before? If so, what did you do? What do you think I should have done?

In this case, I was faced with a no win situation. Without going into too much detail, I was the outsider. The others were insiders. Need I say more. There are times in life when you are going to be faced with something unfair and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there?

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Five Tips For The Brand New Leader

Greetings Leaders!

When I entered the Navy as a 26 year old Ensign many years ago, I thought I knew how to lead. I was college educated, had a few years of life experience under my belt and had just finished at the top of my class at Aviation Officer Candidate School. I was ready for anything – well, except for maybe reality. I remember my first month in the squadron as a blur.  A lot of new faces, a lot of new opportunities to excel, and a lot of opportunities to screw up. Here are my Top Five Tips for the brand new leader.

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The Cloud and Project Management

The Cloud

Greetings Leaders!

The Cloud has become a hot topic in business. What is The Cloud you ask? It has its origins, I think, in the network diagrams that techies have drawn for years. You know, that weird diagram that often gets drawn on a whiteboard that depicts some computers and a server, connected to a cloud or bunch of clouds. I think that is techie talk for magic… or… trust me, there is some cool stuff in there. So what is The Cloud and how will it impact Project Management in the future?

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Leadership – Getting the Job Done, When Your Team Won’t

Greetings Leaders!

Have you ever led a team that just didn’t want to be led? You know the situation… you inherited a team that has several problem children on it and not everyone will follow your lead. Getting things done is difficult, and getting them to give you status updates is just as hard. If you’re lucky, they’re at least competent, but in a worst case scenario you have, 1)  Individuals on the team who think they know what they’re doing, but don’t, 2) Lack of cooperation amongst team members and 3) an unwillingness to follow you. So… what do you do?

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Leadership at Home – How To Get Your Wife’s Respect

Greetings Leaders!

I haven’t blogged on this topic before, but I have several friends struggling with their marriage and have this on my mind and heart. Let me start off by saying that I am no different than you. I have good days in my marriage, and bad. I’ve messed up and lost my wife’s respect before. But, I’ve somehow managed to stay married for 25 years and think that my wife respects me… at least most of the time… or some of the time. You know, with women it’s always hard to tell what they’re thinking (just kidding!). Here is some advice on how to gain your wife’s respect.

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How To Manage Your Boss

Greetings Leaders!

There is no greater challenge than trying to manage your boss. We all have one. Vice Presidents have Presidents and CEOs have the Board. Husbands have wives, wives have their husbands, even the most powerful man in the world, the US President, has to work with Congress, the Supreme Court and arguably, the people. So how do you go about managing your boss?

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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Greetings Leaders!

I had a deep chat with a friend today about dreams and careers. My friend, I’ll call him Bob, is at a crossroads in his life. He has worked for the same employer for 15 years. He works hard and is creative. He is a visionary with lofty ideals and big aspirations when it comes to quality. The organization he is at? Not so much. So he’s asking himself this question, “Am I selling myself short?” Before I answer, let me ask you a question. What about you? Are you in a similar situation? If you are, there are a few things you should be considering.

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